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Lara native french teacher


My name's Lara and have been teaching French for 10 years. As a part time job first, during my years in university, and as a full time job since November 2013. I always work with the same willingness and motivation behind: teaching my language and my culture to those who are interested in them. I'm very interested in current political and social events, sports, art and of course: travels. I speak both English and German and I hope I will help you out to get to know Molière's' language. 

Spoken languages: French, English, German

Elisabeth native french teacher on skype


My name is Elisabeth, I am a French native from Lyon. I have taught French for 5 years. Before I was an actress and director so words were already my work’s base! I try to use my theatrical tools during my lessons to make them playful and funny. This part of the learning process is important for me, the less stressed you are, the easier you will learn and remember because you won’t be focusing on it! I think that Skype is a good way to learn because you are comfortably located in the place you choose, with a cup of tea or coffee (or both!) and ready to learn. I will give all my best to help you with your French, whatever your level is! I like travelling and am interested in artistic themes of course, theatre, music, photography, cinema, literature, and current affairs that I try to incorporate into my lessons. 

Spoken languages: French, English, Greek

Deborah native french teacher online


My name is Déborah. I grew up in the south of France, studied in Belgium and currently live in San Sebastian, located in the beautiful Spain. My genealogical tree, whose roots are spread between four continents, surely has something to do with my insatiable appetite for travel, adventure and culture. I have been teaching French with great enthusiasm for over 7 years and I have to say, I love my job. With each new assignment I learn and grow as teacher and a person. I learnt a lot from teaching migrants in Bordeaux, retirees in Lisbon, university students in China, school kids in Madrid and business workers in the Basque Country. Online teaching was a natural progression for me, taking everything I have learnt, embracing new technologies, to enter the domain of the virtual classroom. I offer lessons tailored to the student's needs. I am committed and will do my best to make learning French as enjoyable as possible... and to make grammar as easy as possible!

Spoken languages: French, English, Spanish

Claudie native french teacher.jpg


Hi, My name is Claudie. I’m French and I’m from Brittany. I have more than five years of experience as a French teacher. Previously, I worked as a childcare assistant and activity leader. Words were fundamental for this kind of audience. In addition, I’ve got an MA degree in modern literature with distinction. I have always been passionate about literature and language teaching. I worked as a French language teacher for two years in Romania and one year in Spain. Travelling is a passion of mine. Both experiences were absolutely unforgettable, I learnt so much on a personal and on a professional level as well. I would like to continue this fulfillment by teaching you my mother tongue and by sharing my culture with you so that you can also experience this kind of fulfillment. Teaching via Skype is a logical continuation of my approach to teaching. As I’m enrolled to a Master in psychoanalysis, I can rapidly understand your needs and expectations and I can offer you tailor-made lessons so that you can achieve your goals and even more. My lessons are dynamic, interesting and interactive, so don’t hesitate to contact me! I hope to see you soon. 

Spoken languages: French, English, Spanish

Lili online french class teacher


My name is Lili. I acquired my masters degree in Toulouse, in the department of French as foreign language. During my university studies I offered French classes to foreign students and later I became a teacher in a language school as well. Even though there are many advantages of group lessons, I found that private lessons with one student were the most successful. In a group session each student has different needs, but in an one on one lesson you can personalize the lesson to narrow the focus of the class to exactly what is needed for the student. Moreover, this personalized, useful language knowledge is available to everyone within my Internet based, lived language lessons. I engage in many different types of sports in my free-time, and because I love to be up-to-date I am constantly surfing the net. 

Spoken languages: French, English



You can learn from anywhere

Distance will never become a barrier to learning French. Whether you are sitting at home or traveling on a train, online learning is always available by using your notebook or smartphone. Online French learning is the most flexible type of language education. You never need to worry about traveling long distances for French lessons, because we are connecting via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or Teams!

There is a huge variety of courses available

You will be ready to pass the French exam. Are you just starting to get to know this  beautiful language or are you planning to pass the advanced C1 or even the C2 exam?


First of all, we are going to talk about Your goals for learning the French language.


  • Would you like to be hired at a better company?

  • Do you want to sell products or services on the French market?

  • Is it on your bucket list to visit Paris and talk with French people?

  • Are you interested in French culture like literature, cinema and fashion?

  • Or are you just in love with the French language?

We are making a personalized language study plan that exactly fits Your needs.

Your French language tutor is going to teach French consistently so your improvement will be experienced day by day.

It efficiently boosts self confidence

Would You like to speak confidently with others? Are you preparing for an important meeting with French business partners that seriously affects your future? Or finally you bought your airline tickets to Paris and would like to talk with local people, order food in restaurants, do some shopping and visit art galleries by speaking French confidently? By the help of private French tutors, your French language knowledge will be as well-structured as the Eiffel Tower!

Practice is guaranteed

We are waiting for You with interactive practicing techniques. Let’s talk about improving your conversation skills, grammar or vocabulary knowledge, our online French teachers pay special attention to practical learning. While in a traditional education class you always have to wait with your questions or the teacher doesn’t have enough time to practice conversation with every student, with online learning you will certainly get the necessary practice.


No more pollution because of traveling to school. Online learning not only reduces pollution and emission from transportation, but also decreases paper waste that comes with traditional education. This form of learning consumes 90% less energy than traditional university language courses.

It’s always comfy

Just grab a cup of delicious tea or coffee and let’s start learning! When you accept your French teacher’s video call, you will never feel like you are in a strict school. Instead of boring or tense lessons, You and your online French tutor will have a lot of fun together.


  • Experienced. Are you looking for native French teachers to learn from the best? Our native French tutors lend you helping hands to reach your goals and pass even the level C2 exam.

  • Open-minded. Your lessons will never be boring because our teachers willingly talk about your favourite subjects. Are you interested in sports, art or psychology? Let’s talk about them through the Skype / Zoom lessons and you’ll learn French faster and more efficiently than you imagined!

  • Focusing on You. The best working method to learn is having a private French teacher. If you would like to learn from native French tutors online with a study plan totally personalized on your needs, book a FREE lesson!


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