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How to choose a good French teacher Online on Skype?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

A good teacher…

  • suggests interesting subjects for discussion in French during lessons on Skype

  • encourages you and motivates you to speak French

  • bases your French lessons on vocabulary and communication, rather than on grammar

  • can suggest activities to go even further… literature, films, series, exercises… and give the right advice to get the most out of those activities

  • creates desire for the French language

  • loves their own culture and enjoys conveying it

  • is creative, trying to vary the type of exercise without always following the same pattern, enabling you to choose your favourite activities to learn French

  • manages to incorporate topical affairs into the lessons, approaches new subjects without always working on the same things

  • knows how to organise progress – is perfectly aware of your needs to continue to progress in French

  • gets you speaking French right from the start because he knows that you can reply which gives you a lot of self confidence

  • finds out your rhythm – an explanation that is too slow or too rapid? No, there’s no such thing, what matters is your own rhythm for learning French!

  • is at ease when working with authentic French texts while remaining spontaneous

  • is honest with pupils concerning their progress in French

  • enjoys teaching French

  • is always punctual.

Are you looking for a competent French teacher? Come and make the acquaintance of the friendly, dynamic, professional native-speaking teachers of Are you interested in our method on Skype? Make a reservation on our calendar for your free trial lesson!

Advice + : If you are looking for a good French teacher it is better to go through an Online language school. Why? Because a school provides teacher supervision, ensuring uniform quality. Also, in a school, if you are not satisfied you can always change teacher, which is not the case with a private tutor.

Advice ++ : develop a good relationship with your French teacher. It is important to get on well with him and trust him and their degree of professionalism, so that you can follow his advice without hesitation. was created to help you to speak, understand and write French fluently. Discover our communicative method on Skype and book your free trial lesson! Learn French with us on Skype!

You have questions about French lessons on Skype. You need more information about the lessons, the method or the teachers. Contact us:

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