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How to learn French using new technology?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Methods and techniques for learning French have changed radically during recent years. So-called “traditional” methods cover books, photocopies, audio CDs from language schools and libraries. In our fast-track world we consider that we no longer have the time to learn using these methods and so decide to turn to the internet. And not without reason, for there are numerous resources to be found there, from teach-yourself software packages, through fast-learning applications, to interactive self-correction exercises.

To make the most of these resources, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. A smartphone may also be enough if you want to learn with the help of a software application.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques?


  • With all the software for mobiles and audio applications, you can learn French anywhere: on the bus, during your coffee break at work, etc.

  • Lessons don’t take up much time: 20 to 30 minutes, and there are even methods offering 5-10-minute express lessons for learning French.

  • This software is fine for maintaining your language level. If you have a good level in French and don’t want to lose it, choose an express method, which will take you 10 minutes a day and will help you refresh your memory!


  • Nobody is there to answer your questions. You are taking a course on a computer and you fall on a sentence or expression that you don’t understand. This can happen often when you are learning French. To get an answer to your questions you need someone who can help you to learn and make progress in French.

  • With the often predetermined quantity and order their exercises, software packages don’t let you personalise the learning process. For example, even if you need to practise the “passé composé” (perfect) rather than the future tense, the software will give you the same amount of exercises for each point of grammar. Or even if you would like to focus on oral expression, you will also have to do exercises in written expression. If you want to personalise your course, you need a teacher to prepare lessons that are perfectly adapted to your needs. This will enable you to make more rapid and efficient progress.

  • Software doesn’t force you to do exercises. If you haven’t enough will-power or discipline to learn on your own, you need a teacher to rhythm your learning of French. You will be all the more motivated and successful.

  • When you learn French on your own, you are in charge of your own progress. If you learn with a teacher, responsibility is shared, and thus better controlled, which is a guarantee of success.

Consequently, our advice is for you to try out the largest possible number of methods and techniques while always making sure that you are accompanied by a competent teacher. If you want to learn French 100% on line, discover French lessons on Skype, the way to learn French using a real relationship with an experienced native French teacher. To discover how this works, click here. was created to help you to speak, understand and write French fluently. Discover our communicative method on Skype and book your free trial lesson! Learn French with us on Skype!

You have questions about French lessons on Skype. You need more information about the lessons, the method or the teachers. Contact us:

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