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How to prepare for an interview in French on Skype?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Above all – and specially to give you encouragement – it is important to know that during an interview one uses relatively limited vocabulary. One talks about one’s job, one’s past, one’s objectives, one’s personality… so, no need to know by heart the main dates in French history or to be able to explain how to prepare a quiche lorraine without fresh cream…

So here is an important piece of advice: while preparing your interview, concentrate. It’s fine to be comfortable with the passé composé (present perfect), the present and the future, but you probably won’t need to say anything using the plus-que-parfait (pluperfect). Neither is it the time to revise your conjugations, as you’ll probably only use the personal pronoun je (I) and vous (you).

Are you having a job interview in French? Don’t panic! We will help you succeed with ease. When preparing….

  • we review the most frequent questions encountered during a job interview

    • Introduce yourself: What is you work experience? Why do you want to change your job? etc.

    • What are your strong points, your weak points? Where do you see yourself in five years? What interests you in this job? Why do you think you are a good candidate for this position? What do you know about our company? etc.

    • How do you spend your free time? Will you be free to start next month? Do you have any questions? etc.

  • we recapitulate in French the information that you need to know about the company where you are applying

  • we reinforce your self-confidence. You need to feel at ease speaking French.

During the interview you need to pay attention to what you are saying and not to your correct use of grammar. To be fluent you need practice!

Advice + : Why you don’t need to speak perfect French for your interview: because your future employer is not looking for a language teacher, but for someone who can solve problems in French. You can have that competence without speaking perfect French. Remember this while you prepare!

Advice ++ : be honest! If you have difficulty with French grammar, with rapid speech or understanding in French, say so. It is better to admit that sometimes you will encounter problems that to find yourself in unpleasant situations later on. If you already have the required level and you are hired, you will no doubt have an opportunity to improve your French with the help of your colleagues or during training courses.


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