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How to take pleasure in learning French? How to do it online on Skype?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Why is it important for learning French to be a pleasure for you? Because pleasure is one of the most important motivation factors. The exercises that help you learn French must be done of your own free will and not by obligation. When you enjoy doing something, you don’t hesitate to dedicate time for this activity, throwing yourself into it body and soul. It’s absolutely necessary for learning any langue, as it is for learning French. There are numerous methods, techniques, software packages and books which can certainly help you learn, but they can’t learn French for you! It’s up to you to find the time and energy to study, repeat, repeat and repeat again…

And isn’t all that easier if you take pleasure in it? If you enjoy it you will succeed and make rapid progress in French.

How can this be done?

  • be curious! The more you learn, the more things you know, the more you know, the better you understand subtleties of the language, the more French becomes interesting.

  • study French for your own motivation

  • identify the right French teacher to accompany you, because an enthusiastic teacher will transmit not just his knowledge but also his enthusiasm.

  • work with amusing exercises and techniques to get you to think and progress in French.

  • choose the right method – if you learn French in an effective way you will be able to make immediate use of your knowledge – you will see that what you are learning is useful – it will give you lots of motivation!

  • be in good form when you learn French – tiredness obstructs your memory and ability to assimilate.

  • be patient: learning French is done in stages, step by step. Moving forward progressively is the key to long-term success.

  • if French is not interesting in itself…discover the culture that lies behind! Whether it is French gastronomy, music, literature, cities, history of France that interests you, dive in! While looking for information you will begin to read in French without even realising it…. And why not go even further? Let’s suppose that you are interested in gardening… then start looking for information on your favourite subject in French… you will be motivated to learn, understand and even to learn the words by heart!

The recipe is simple: French lessons are based on your needs → you take an interest in the subjects and the chosen method → you enjoy taking part in the lessons :)

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