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6 reasons for learning French Online on Skype or Zoom

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Have you ever heard an elegant French song? Or have you ever seen a French-speaking, glamorous movie shot in Paris? If you did, then you have probably already wished you knew how to speak French! It is understandable: it is a beautiful language that you can use in many parts of the world and also in business. Not to mention the fact that French people love if you do not address them in English, but their own language! But how can you reach your language goals?

Learning French Skype

Well, there are several ways to learn and practice – and we are here to tell you all about these. Let us show you some ways, and tell you a little bit about learning French on Skype, which is probably the most effective way to do so!

Ways to learn French

Today, in the internet-driven world, there are online solutions for everything. And that is also true to language learning! However, there are so many French learning websites today, it is easy to get lost among them. Also, besides the websites, there are several French Zoom lessons and French Skype classes as well. Not to mention other possibilities! So, let us show you some options if you are planning to learn French via the Internet. But before that, let us make you think about some basics to decide on before you start!

Before you start

Ahead of choosing your own method of learning, you need to clear some details. How much time do you have for practice? How much money can you spend on your language studies? What are your main goals? Are you looking to improve your grammar? Or do you just want to speak fluently and be confident when you start speaking? There are solutions for all your needs on French From Anywhere.

It is also possible that you are looking for a special language skill set. Maybe, you would like to move to Paris and work in hospitality – in that case, you need to learn the jargon of the job and also some regular chit-chats. Let us see what options you can choose from, once you decide to start your French studies!

Study French on Zoom by Doing Language Exchange

You can practice spoken French on Zoom by doing language exchange. This is an interesting concept where two native speakers of different languages meet on Zoom regularly to practice the languages of each other.

For example one party is native German and the other one is native French, so in a 1 hour session they speak 30 minutes of each language. It is usually free of cost, but indeed, time is money, so here you pay with your time when you speak your native language to help the other party practice. Language exchange can be fun if you enjoy meeting new people, and you find a good party. However; it’s not always easy to find a person interested in your language, and also to align your schedules. It’s a good exercise to practice speaking, but the other party is not a language teacher, so he or she may have a hard time explaining the grammar behind your mistakes. We usually recommend this if you don’t want to improve in a short time, just keep up with your current level.

French learning websites

Today, you can find a variety of online sites to learn French. These are easy and fun ways to start off with a language, but in a long term, these are not as effective as learning from another person. The website does not answer your questions or clear the air if you have difficulties with an issue. Also, learning from a native speaker has a great effect on your speaking skills – and you do not have that with programs.


The Internet also provides you with a list of possibilities of practicing the language you started to learn. You can stream movies and series, you can listen to music in your chosen language. These all contribute a lot to your improvement.

Here are our 6 reasons for learning French via Skype

Last, but not least, here are 6 reasons why you should learn French by Skype. Scroll through them, and you will probably be ready to book your first free lesson on French From Anywhere!

Meet native speakers

You are in regular contact with a native French speaker. It is the best way to learn French, but you know that it is not easy to find a native-speaking teacher who is both close to you, and who is also competent. But here is the solution: learn French on Skype and converse with a native speaker at any time of the day… and from anywhere you want!

Save time

You no longer need to travel to attend your French lesson. You no longer waste time, and in fact you save money! All you have to do is find a quiet spot with an Internet connection and your French lesson on Skype can begin!

Make it suit you

You have your French lesson on Skype whenever you want! Our French teachers are available between 8AM and 8:30PM, so you are sure to find a moment that suits you. You no longer have to adapt to school timetables. You learn when you want via Skype!

Save money

Online French lessons are cheaper than those in a language school or with a private tutor who comes to your home. This way you also save money.

Be effective

If your learn French on Skype you can attain exactly the same proficiency as with a traditional course.

Study French on Skype and have fun

Last but not least: you have fun learning French on Skype! Our teachers are very friendly and helpful. They are there to make learning easy and enjoyable for you. The methods and subjects that we offer are relevant and interesting. We give you the opportunity to talk about what interests you, because we believe that "Learning a language, learning French, is learning to talk about things that you would talk about in real life".

Start learning French today!

Do you see now how easy, fun, and effective it is to study French by Skype? This way, you can go on a new adventure, get some valuable knowledge while broadening your own horizons. Go on and start today by signing up for a free first session! was created to help you to speak, understand and write French fluently. Discover our communicative method on Skype and book your free trial lesson! Learn French with us on Skype!

You have questions about French lessons on Skype. You need more information about the lessons, the method or the teachers. Contact us:

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