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Why choose a native speaker for your teacher rather than a non-native speaker?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Are you learning French? Are you having trouble choosing between a native-and a non native speaker? Our school offers French lessons Online on Skype and here are the reasons why we work with native-speaking teachers:

They have…

  • perfect mastery of the French language

  • an authentic accent

  • a linguistic and cultural background that is difficult to acquire for a non native speaker

  • an understanding of the problems encountered by pupils learning French grammar… they analyse these problems and always provide a satisfactory explanation

  • a better understanding of the French language, for example for subtleties such as irony, sarcasm, formal address, etc.

  • a better understanding of the meaning of expressions in French: in which situation to use them? for what purpose? to whom?

Advantage + : There is no question of whether to speak French or another language during the lesson: speaking French is automatic, which accelerates learning of the language and fluency comes very quickly. was created to help you to speak, understand and write French fluently. Discover our communicative method on Skype and book your free trial lesson! Learn French with us on Skype!

You have questions about French lessons on Skype. You need more information about the lessons, the method or the teachers. Contact us:

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