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You are relocating to a French-speaking country… how to learn French and adapt to everyday life?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

You have decided to relocate to a French-speaking country. It’s not an easy experience and you will no doubt be confronted with the main problem in daily life! How to become integrated in society? The absolute must: start to learn French, progress as fast as possible until finally you will speak perfect French!!!

Why is it important? You want to become integrated into a society that functions thanks to the interaction of its population. People talk, converse, ask and answer questions. This communication is the basis for culture, the economy, political life, trade, etc. You are part of society if you are able to take part in this interaction.

What are the obstacles? One tends to think that in a French-speaking country it is easier to learn French. That’s true, but there are pitfalls:

  • at work only English may be spoken

  • you are not looking for contacts with French people

  • you have no French friends

  • you don’t try to speak French in shops or at the market because you’re afraid of making mistakes

  • you’re not interested in local culture or in French current affairs.

What is the secret of success? It takes a lot of energy but, as you will see, it’s a good investment of your time!

If you are a beginner:

You need to take French lessons, as it’s very difficult to learn a language on your own, at least at the beginning. We offer you French lessons Online on Skype which will enable you to progress rapidly. You will learn to express yourself in basic situations of everyday life: how to order a coffee, how to ask your way, how to pay your bills, etc.

You will see immediately the fruit of your efforts: with our communicative method you will be able to use what you learned just after the lesson, communicating in real situations!

If your level is intermediate:

  • you must seize every opportunity to speak French. At the baker’s, the hairdresser’s, at the market, with your French colleagues… all these little dialogues will help you remember the words, learn expressions so that you get to speak perfectly.

  • don’t be afraid of making mistakes, dare to speak. If you don’t say something perfectly it doesn’t really matter, as you are there to learn. Be proud of learning and speaking French, for the more languages you speak the richer you are!

  • prepare in advance. You have an appointment with the doctor or a business meeting? Reformulate your words in advance. That way you’ll express yourself more easily. Don’t hesitate to learn by heart what you want to say in French, it’s a very effective learning technique. You will never again forget the French words and expressions if you learn them this way.

  • take an interest in French culture, read about the country’s current affairs, take part in local events. Go out looking for things that interest you in town. It’s a very good way of finding motivation for learning French.


If you find that these techniques are not sufficient and need guidance, we advise you take French lessons Online on Skype. You’ll be able to ask your native-speaking teacher all your questions and learn everything that you couldn’t learn alone: correct French pronunciation, difficult points of French grammar, correct use of expressions, etc. Take a free trial lesson on Skype and share your difficulties with us.

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