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How to learn French on an advanced level? Is it possible to learn online?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The French language is often acclaimed as one of the most beautiful and romantic languages in the world. The special sounds French people use are like a sweet lullaby, and it makes every foreigner want to learn it. This language is also known as a world language, which means that more than 300 million people speak French all over the globe. However, due to the different sounds English speakers might find difficult to pronounce, it seems quite hard to learn French. We are here to assure you that even a language this difficult can be learnt online at an intermediate or advanced level.

Advanced French lessons

Why is the French language so beautiful?

The French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish languages are the five main romance languages that descended from Latin. Belgium and Modern-day France were once a part of an ancient region called Gaul. The Romans who conquered Gaul spoke Vulgar latin, and they required the Gauls to speak latin too. It resulted in a Latin language mixed with lots of Celtic words.

German tribes invaded Western Europe in the 3rd Century which resulted in a lot of groups settling in northern France, who were called the Franks. They imposed their own way of speaking Vulgar Latin, which made the French language very different from the other languages descended from Latin.

The reason why most people find the French language so interesting to learn is the special intonation. The different sounds make the French language sound like a romantic drama or a beautiful love song. There is actually a reason for that: there are different rules that affect the sounds.

To learn French pronunciation, one has to be very determined, but the end results will definitely fascinate your friends or co-workers. If the language is needed for business and career-related purposes, online French grammar lessons are a great way to start.

What does advanced level (C1) stand for?

To learn advanced French, one has to be able to understand oral and written materials, and speak without thinking and searching for words and expressions. To become an advanced speaker you need to practice French pronunciation as much as you can, and improve your French vocabulary, so you will be able to communicate fast and effectively.

It is also a key part of learning any language to understand the culture and the references when communicating with someone. Native people are always impressed when a foreigner knows all about their history and even the main pop culture. The French C1 advanced level is often used for business and academic purposes, for example attending a French speaking university, you might require a language certificate.

If you would like to master the French language and get to a C2 level, you should understand the difference between C1 and C2. C1 is great for everyday use, and it might even be enough for your French speaking job or studies. However, being on a C2 level means that you completely understand everything in French. This means that different kinds of accents or various ways of speaking will be easy for you. In order to achieve this level, improving your French constantly will be your key goal.

C1 French level

How to learn French on an advanced level?

Just like any other language, French can be learnt by taking French classes and surrounding yourself with native speakers. There are certain steps that you should consider taking in order to become confident with your French, and also get a wider view of their culture, which definitely affects their communication and the topics they mention in conversations.

Listen to C1 level audio to improve your listening

It is not rare for people to travel or even move to a different country and not speak its main language at all. It may be scary at the beginning, but eventually listening to French speakers and making coherences in your head will lead you to learn the vocabulary and grammar, and even the pronunciation. So it is very important to listen to French audiobooks or podcasts, or even songs on the radio. This way your ears will recognize more and more words, expressions and intonations, which will definitely help you become advanced from your intermediate level.

Read a lot of French content

If you would like to keep up with the French culture and learn about their everyday lives as well, you should read a lot of French content. This you will find much easier if you read something you are already familiar with. For example, try reading your favorite English book in French. You can start small, and read Little Prince, which is a very important piece of art in French literature. Watching movies with French subtitles can also help you, especially to pick up the modern French expressions younger people tend to use.

Speak with your friends or native French speakers:

Since pronunciation is a harder part of the learning process, it’s great if you have a native speaking teacher who can help you with the different sounds and intonations. You don’t need to travel all the way to France, because taking French classes online also can help you master your French accent. And if you would like to make some new friends, get a French pen pal and visit them!

Do C1 exam practices

If you are aiming for a successful C1 exam, you need to focus on the possible tasks and topics you might face at your test. It’s important to practice French vocabulary everyday, along with perfectioning the grammar. We recommend you to get a professional language teacher or a very advanced individual, who can help you point out your strengths and the areas you might improve, whether it’s grammar, listening or speaking. You can always take some advanced French lessons online, so you can save lots of time and still be very effective in your learning process.

Is it possible to learn advanced French lessons online?

Online learning has its advantages and disadvantages too. The world changed a lot in the last few years, workplaces and schools became more flexible with working and studying from home because of the pandemic. It is a very unfortunate cause, but it opened new doors into the future of learning and working.

Learn French online


Learning a language online can save you a lot of time, since you would not need to travel anywhere. You can grab your laptop or your phone at home, or at a café, and can start right away. This also means that even if you are nowhere close to living French, you still will be able to learn their language completely. Learning something also should not mean only reading and memorizing. You can find tons of interactive and interesting study materials, like video lessons or even fun word games. You can always find a way to learn French pronunciation online by watching movies and repeating after the actors.


Learning French online would mean that the students and the teachers have limited face-to-face communication. In our experience this is not an issue for most people and do not influence the quality of the class, still, some people prefer a more personal approach. Technical difficulties might also occur sometimes, which wouldn’t be a case in person. In our experience a good quality, stable internet connection is key to an efficient online French class; especially if you want to learn spoken French, and practice conversation and pronunciation.

Is it possible to learn French online?

Yes, you can be certain that with a great study plan, a qualified teacher, lots of fun study materials and tons of practicing, it is possible to get to an intermediate or advanced level.

Learn French on an advanced level online personalized on You

Speaking French, one of the world’s most difficult languages is a great achievement, no matter what level you are on. It is a world language, which might bring you lots of opportunities in your academic or business life. It is not an easy task to learn French grammar and pronunciation in the first place, but it is up to you how much work you put into learning and improving.

With online intermediate or advanced French lessons not only you will be able to understand the words of “La Vie en Rose”, you can also talk about Edith Piaf’s fantastic work of art and life. You will be able to read Les Misérables in French and watch La Boum in its original language.

French From Anywhere can help you learn French personalized to you and based on your level of knowledge. Your experienced and professional native French speaker teacher will guide and lead you through the way to your exam. You can book your sessions online easily, and you also will be sent email reminders prior to your lessons. Take your chance and enjoy the first lesson for free! Au revoir and good luck!

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